JOM Productions Race Video!

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Results are Posted

Results are now posted here

Check out the velodrome finish!

2014 Winning Sprint

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It’s (finally) race day!

The weather looks fantastic for the fifth annual Boone-Roubaix Spring Classic Race and Gravel FUNdo, so come on out Sunday morning and ride! We won’t sell out, so just show up at the Boone Fairgrounds between 8:30 and 9:30 AM to register, and you will be good to go.

Before heading to the High Country, please take a moment and review the following to be sure you have the best time possible.

See you at the start line!

1)   The weather forecast looks excellent – temperatures will be just shy of 60 at the start, warming to nearly 70 by 4PM, partly cloudy, light breeze. Huzzah!

2)   Read the Rules and Warningstake them seriously, and bring all the required equipment.

3)   Use the driving directions at Follow the signs and obey the volunteers when you get to the Fairgrounds. I’m moving parking into the upper field, which is more spacious and dryer than where you parked the last two years. There will be portajons at registration, the closest real bathrooms are just inside the door of the Food Lion on the corner of US-421 and Old 421.

4)   Packet Pickup and Day-of registration will be open from 8:30 to 9:30 AM. If you have friends signing up on race day, it is $60 cash or checks made out to “Pirate Race Productions.

5)   Cam Fraser at Blue Mountain Revival Productions uses the very best timing technology: extremely accurate helmet-mounted disposable chips, but you need to put it on correctly for it to work. Please take a moment and read the chip application instructions and watch this Youtube video demonstration of how to properly attach the chip to your helmet.  REUSE YOUR BIB AND HELMET CHIP FROM TOM DULA and/or LOVE VALLEY

6)   Bib Numbers are grouped as follows so you can easily identify your opponents: Gravel FUNdo #100s, Women: #200-249, Men Under 30: #250-299, Men 30 to 39: #300s, Men 40 to 49: #400s, Men 50 to 59: #500-549, Men 60+ #550+. Bibs go in the center of your back right side up.

7)   Mandatory participant meeting at the start at 9:45 AM

8)   The Race and the Gravel FUNdo both start at 10:00AM. Gravel FUNdo participants should line up behind the wheel trucks.

9)   Course Marking there will be course marshals from App State who are working to raise money for Wine-to-Water’s efforts to bring clean drinking water to community in Columbia, as well as two sheriffs’ departments and two fire departments pointing you in the right direction. I have already painted on all the paved intersections with a reversed B next to an R with an arrow pointing straight, right, or left. Directional signage will go up Saturday. There are printable course maps, links to download a .gpx file for your GPS, and cue sheets available at There will also be a cue sheet in the packet you receive at registration.

10)    There will be one rest stop located at Mile 25 – this is at the top of the hill about 3/4 mile past where it was last year, making hand ups much easier. There will be neutral bottles filled with HEED being handed up by volunteers for the first couple dozen people, after that they will hand out 8oz paper cups. There will also be Hammer Gels and water if you want to stop.

11)    There will be TWO WHEEL TRUCKS for the RACE. There will be trucks with the peloton and a chase grupetto if one forms. Wheels in/Wheels out – if you are running anything other than Shimano/SRAM 10 speed (Campy, disc breaks, 11 speed, etc.) make sure your wheels are clearly marked.

12)    If you are off the back of the race peloton, the wheel trucks will pass you. There will be a SAG wagon to pick up quitters.

13)    You are ultimately responsible for your safety. STAY RIGHT AND DO NOT CROSS THE CENTER OF THE ROAD. Obey all traffic laws. Look for and obey all course marshals and law enforcement personnel – if they say stop, STOP. There are numerous very steep descents where speeds in excess of 50 mph have been recorded. One year a guy almost tore his ear off. If you crash where other riders do not see you, the bears will find you before we do. Think about that.

14)    If you cannot finish for any reason, PLEASE check in with the timing crew at the finish line so we do not mobilize search and rescue.

15)    FREE BEER from the Blowing Rock Ale House and Inn – it is their Ale House ESB. The Blowing Rock Ale House is a great place to get a meal, and a lovely inn if you are looking for a place to spend the weekend, especially as it will be a host site for the Blue Ridge Wine and Food Festival. There will NOT BE FOOD at the finish - sorry, the vendor bailed.

16)    Tell hotels, restaurants, shops that you are in town for Pirate Race Productions’ bike race.

17)    Thank you, have fun, be safe, and DO NOT GIVE UP!

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